CAN Bus Contactless Reader Mini (CAN-CROC-MINI)

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The Can Crocodile Mini allows you to read data about the vehicle operation safely and without any interruption into the vehicle's electronic system.        

The main features of the CAN Crocodile Mini are:
  1. <1% message loss at 125-1000 kbps CAN bus speed.
  2. Power supply from the on-board network 10-50V without additional power adapters.
  3. LED-indication of power supply and CAN signal reading.
  4. Low current consumption – 3mA/5mA at supply voltage 24/12V.
  5. Compact housing dimensions for installation in tight areas where space is limited.
  6. Reliable clamping of CAN-H and CAN-L wires to the reading surface.
  7. Convenient placement of wires in the grooves of the lock cover.
CANCrocodile Mini application in vehicle telematics and GPS-tracking

CANCrocodile Mini CAN bus sniffer application in vehicle telematics and GPS-tracking

The Crocodile output signal goes to a telematics unit, which transmits the received data to a web-based (cloud) software. A cloud telematics software parses and analyzes the received CAN data and generates reports containing information on fuel level, fuel consumption, engine RPM, active faults (DTC) and other operational parameters of the equipment available in the CAN j1939 bus.

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