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Once payment has been made and successfully processed, you will receive an email with confirmation and order number. 

On certain occasions due to different web browsers and softwares, the website may take you back to the beginning of check out after you have paid. 

In most cases the payment will have gone through and we have received your order, however if you are not certain please don't hesitate to contact us on online chat, phone or email and we will be able to clarify.

Phone - 01423 340066

Email -

Yes! Simply choose the country you would like your order shipped to in the delivery options.

If you don't see your country or have any other shipping queries please contact us.

Once your order has been despatched, a tracking number will be sent over to the email address linked with the order. 

This will either be DPD or Royal Mail delivery services, if you do not receive a tracking number for your order please contact us and we will be able to source this for you.


If you are purchasing as a business customer from overseas and would like us to use your tax code in your order we are happy to do so. 

Please send your full order details and tax code over to, we will input this code into our system and rectify your order. 

Almost all orders made on the website are despatched the same day at 4:30PM. If you require to make changes in regards to your order/ address or contact details, please call us as soon as possible - 01423 340066, or send over an email to

The VAT invoices for our orders are available next working day after order has been placed. 

If you would like us to send over a VAT Invoice, please contact us quoting your order number and we will be able to forward this to you. 

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