Samsung Galaxy X-Cover 4 (PC.513958)

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Active holder for fixed installation

With Molex adapter system. 2A charger. With tilt swivel.

Keep your phone's battery fully charged in an active holder, always within easy sight and reach! Neat, discreet and convenient. Custom made with a perfect, firm fit. For fixed installation. The holder is to be connected inside the dashboard, providing an elegant installation without any cables hanging over the interior. You have full access to the camera and all buttons when the device is in the holder. It is easy to slide the phone in place in the holder so it connects to the charging, and to take it out of the holder when leaving the vehicle. Fits only devices without the included back cover on.  
The holder is equipped with a tilt swivel so you can easily adjust the angle for better viewing, or switch between portrait and landscape mode. Tilts 20° and swivels 360°. Mounting plate 42x50 mm with predrilled AMPS-holes +2x3,5 mm centered holes. Made of high grade black ABS/Acetal plastic. Made in Sweden. Connect the power cable with a 2A fuse. Professional installation recommended. Attach onto ProClip Mounting Platform.  
Dimensions: 79 x 102 x 50 mm (W x H x D mm)  
Weight: 198 g  
Cable length: Total length: 241 cm (Holder to box: 70 cm, Connectors+box 14 cm, Box to open end: 157 cm.)