Samsung Galaxy S8 Cradle (PC.527964)

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Active holder for fixed installation

With tilt swivel. Fits for devices with skin; adjustable top.

Use an active holder for your device on the road and you will always have a freshly charged battery! In addition, you will always have your device within easy sight and reach. Safe, comfortable and convenient! The active holder is to be connected inside the dashboard. It provides an elegant installation without any cables hanging over the interior. The holder has a neat and discreet design which blends well with the vehicle's interior. Your device is held securely in place in an upright position for maximum cellular reception. Fits devices with skin. The top part of the holder is adjustable and adapts to the height of your phone.  
When you place the device in the holder, it automatically connects to the charging unit. 12 Volt. The product is E-approved. Connect the power cable with a 2 A fuse. Professional installation recommended.    
The holder has a perfect fit. It is easy to put the device into the holder, and just as easy to take it with you when leaving the vehicle. The holder is equipped with a tilt swivel so you can adjust the angle of your device in order to avoid light reflection on the screen. You can tilt the holder 20° in each direction. Attach onto ProClip Mounting Platform.    
Dimensions: 58 x 140 x 32 mm (W x H x D mm)    
Weight: 159 g    
Cable length: Total length: 450 cm (Holder to box: 149 cm, Connectors+box 80 mm, Box to open end: 293 cm.)