Double Sided Tape HSA Black 50mm x 10m (IT.5/50)

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Double Sided Tape HSA Black 50mm x 1mm

The IT.5/50 is a black High Strengh Adhesive (HSA) designed for automotive applications.

High performance double sided polyethylene foam tape


  • Improved tack, adhesion and dynamic strength
  • Good gap-filling between slightly uneven materials
  • Very high shear strength, even at high temperatures
  • Excellent resistance to water, solvents and platicizers
  • Excellent resistance to UV light and outdoor ageing
  • Good adhesion to metal, glass, PVC and most paints
  • Compatible with acrylic and polycarbonate

Production Advantages:

  • Clean and simple to use
  • Quick and efficient application
  • Consistent adhesive coating thickness
  • Consistent adhesion performance
  • Instant adhesion
  • No hazardous fumes
  • No drying or curing times
  • Ready for the next part of the application process
  • No contamination of other surfaces