AM/FM & DAB+ Roof Mount Antenna with Amplifier

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The A.2116.01 AM/FM & DAB + Roof mount antenna establishes reliable, high-performance radio connections in the field of broadcasting and is suitable for mobile outdoor use (on the roof or side). 

Cable length is 0.4M terminated with a Universal FAKRA Female Connector.   

A 5M cable extension is available to be Purchased seperatley here:

Frequency bands and communication services

The ATTB 2116.01 multifunction antenna covers several frequency bands and thus communication services. In the broadcasting sector, the following services can be received:

  • AM (0.15 – 16 MHz)
  • FM (87.5 - 108 MHz)
  • DAB/DAB+ (Band III, 174 – 240 MHz)
  • DAB/DAB+ (L-band, 1452-1492 MHz)

Special features and characteristics

  • Passive DAB reception in the DAB+ Band III & DAB+ L-Band range
  • Passive Flex Roof Antenna
  • Passive single-cable solution for FM and DAB+
  • Low installation height due to the use of a short rod
  • Low installation depth (~15 mm)
  • Low noise antenna rod
  • Easier roof installation
  • Low installation effort (only one mounting hole for 2 functions)
  • Comes with the ATTB DAB Digital Amplifier (A.4721.01)