CAN Bus Contactless Reader Designed for use in Electric Vehicles (CAN-CROC/EV)

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CAN-CROC/EV - Designed for use in Electric Vehicles

At supply voltage 12 V, Max - 6 mA

At supply voltage 24 V, Max - 3 mA

Will only work on Electric vehicles if the baud rate is not higher than 1000 kbit/s.

The Can Crocodile allows you to read data about the vehicle operation safely and without any interruption into the vehicle's electronic system.        

CANCrocodile doesn`t break CAN wires isolation and “listens” to exchange over the bus with the help of a special wireless receiver. 

It reads can bus data through the isolation of wires without damaging them and forwards signals to the tracking device. The user gets the same information from the CANbus as if they connected to it directly, and since wires are not damaged – this type of connection to the CANbus will not affect the vehicles warranty.

Can Crocodile is used in GPS/GLONASS vehicle monitoring systems for getting information on: 

  • Fuel Consumption.
  • Engine Operation modes.
  • Sensors State.
  • Vehicle diagnostics errors.
  • Other data transmitted via serial buses.

 Features include: 

  • Light indication modes.
  • No need to preconfigure.
  • Onboard supply power.
  • Reads signals via insulation of wires.
  • Easy to install and operate.


A tamperproof seal is provided to prevent unauthorized access to the Can Crocodile.