Surface Mount For USB Power Supply Mounts (CL.9/AS242-2)

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Code: CL.9/AS242-2

Surface Mount Cigarette Lighter Socket (2 Gang)

The CurvMount cases are made of UV-stabilized plastic with water-tight gaskets and cover caps for the sockets, making them perfect for use with RV, caravans and yachts. These surface mount sockets are easy to install and can be mounted vertically, horizontally or underneath a dash. Compatible with USB Power Supply Mounts 


  • Surface-mount allowing easy installation on any surface (no hole cut-out needed).
  • Compatible with 4 popular Sockets, allowing maximum customizations.
  • UV-stabilized enclosure material.
  • Water-tight gasket & water-resistant rubber cap included
  • Flame retardant robust Nylon (glass fiber reinforced) enclosure.