(RAM-B-138BGA66L) Locking Mount For the Garmin Fleet 660/670 with Pin-Lock Security Knob, Locking Case & Backer Plate

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The RAM-B-138B-GA66L consists of a double socket arm, Pin-Lock™ security knob/key knob, backer plate, 2.5" diameter round base with the universal AMPS hole pattern, diamond adapter base and custom high strength composite locking case for the Garmin fleet 660/670. The locking case features the ability to secure your Garmin fleet 660/670 in place adding much needed protection and enables full access to the screen, power plug, and memory card slot. The case consists of a front and back cover that can be secured together using standard pop rivets or security screws. The locking case also features a unique cable retention system that prevents accidental unplugging of the USB cable. Paired with a RAM Pin-Lock™ security knob/key knob, this solution is the ideal accessory for deterring theft or accidental removal of the mounted GPS device.

1. Holder locks device so it cannot be removed without the use of tools
2. Holder offers open access to all ports on device including audio port, speaker/mic and mini USB power/data cable
3. Integrates factory Garmin magnetic dock
4. Provides access to NFC reader while in holder
5. Holder secures USB power connection so it cannot be removed without unlocking the case
6. Integrated cable management and wire retention
7. Rugged construction deters theft and protects vulnerable areas of device
8. Will not obstruct GPS signal

High Strength Composite and Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum

Ball Size:
1" Rubber Ball "B" Size