Low Profile Groundplane Independant Antenna (LP-DE3G)

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Low Profile Groundplane Independant Antenna


Rugged Design

The Panorama Low Profile Antennas are designed to withstand high impact and maintain their functionality. The option of an extra GPS antenna inside the same housing gives it multiple functions. All of the Low Profile Antennas are fed through one hole.

Ground Plane Independent

The LP & LG range of antennas do not require a ground plane, so they can be installed on any material.


The rugged design of the Panorama Low Profile range make the antennas suitable for trains, heavy goods vehicles and buses that require a heavy duty application.

Bus Antennas

The LP range of antennas has been used by many bus companies because of the wide bandwith it provides.


Gain Isotropic: 2dBi

Height (mm): 50

Diameter (mm): 102

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