Flexible 1/4 Wave Antenna (AFQHB, AFQH-B)

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¼ Wave 2dB Flexible Hinged Antenna

Antenna Construction

All Panorama mobile whips feature either 17-7 PH stainless steel rods with plated brass components and black nylon mouldings or have a flexible construction within a black nylon tube. When fitted and tuned correctly these antennas will have a typical VSWR of 1.2:1 or less.

*Uncut**Please state in the 'Special Delivery Instructions' box, which frequency you require*

AFQHB-H4 141-151
AFQHB-H5 149-159
AFQHB-H6 156-162
AFQHB-H7 162-174
AFQHB-JRC 139-157
AFQHB-K5 174-192
AFQHB-K6 192-208
AFQHB-K7 208-225
AFQHB-L 220-250
AFQHB-M    245-275
AFQHB-N 270-300
AFQHB-P 300-336
AFQHB-R 330-366
AFQHB-S 350-392
AFQHB-S1 380-400
AFQHB-S2 410-430
AFQHB-T 390-432
AFQHB-T2 420-456
AFQHB-U  430-472
AFQHB-W 470-512
AFQHB-UT 406-472
AFQHB-224 224
AFQHB-TET 380-430
AFQHB-R1 300-334
AFQHB-R2 350-370
AFQHB-S4 450-470
AFQHB-U2 450-512
AFQHB-H4A 138-155
AFQHB-H6A 155-174

For easy car washing each antenna can be unscrewed and removed.



The Panorama mounting system provides a high degree of compatibility between whips and bases, making them suitable for all applications whether temporary or permenant.



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