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This simple device allows the charging of two separate battery banks from a single charging source such as vehicle alternator with no risk of flattening your battery bank.

By sensing the main battery voltage, the VSR (voltage sensitive relay) will only connect the secondary bank to the source when the first bank is fully charged and is 13.7V or over and will cut out if the main bank falls below 12.8V. This ensures thats secondary bank can never drain the main bank.

Dual sense allows the unit to sense the voltage of both batteries that it is connected between. If either battery is receiving a charge the VSR will activate. This allows the charging of the second battery from an external battery charger or second charging source.

The VSR can handle charging currents up to 140A with zero voltage drop, no moving parts and encapsulated design makes it suitable for marine applications as well as split charging systems in vehicles.


Continuous Rating : 12VDC/140 amps
Sense: Dual
Engage Voltage: 13.7VDC
Disengage Voltage: 12.8VDC
Ignition Protected: UL1107
Stud: M6
Ground : Negative, 0.5M/18 AWG wire
Weight: 0.2Kg
Dimensions: 68mm x 68mm x 49mm
Mounting Screws: 4.8 x 50mm and 3.5 x 13mm

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