Butyl Tape Sealant

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Butyl Tape Sealant  (An inert, tape applied, water and air sealant)

Ideal for the following applications:

Caravans - Sealing light housings, roof lights & extruded metal & rubber mouldings, where the fixings pierce the skin.

Roofing & Cladding - Along the edge and side laps of corrugated sheeting and around skylights

Heating & Ventilation - For all seams and flange work.

Glazing - Non load bearing seal between frame and glass.

Automotive - Sun roof bedding OEM & Retrofit


Permanently Flexible Seal - Will not dry out or become brittle in service.

Easy and quick to use - Provides and immediate seal, without using special equipment.

Good adhesion to most substrates - Seals most common building surfaces.

Solvent Free - Safe to use, no fumes or special precautions.

Excellent UV & ageing resistance - Durable & long lasting seal.

High resistance to flow - Wide service temperature range.

High Joint Movement Capability - High resistance to pumping and internal rupturing.


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