DAB Glass Mount Antenna (GMDAB3L-5SMB)

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DAB Glass Mount Antenna/Aerial Panorama

Improves DAB Reception in the Car

Supplied with:

  • 5mtrs RG58 Coaxial cable
  • Supplier with DAB SMB Connector


The DAB Glass Mount Antenna combines both DAB frequencies into one antenna. The antenna requires no special tools or fixings and can be removed without a trace.


  • Excellent performance

  • No-hole installation

  • Solid state coupling

  • Can be removed without a trace

Easy Installation 

Installing the Panorama Glass Mount Antenna requires neither the making of holes nor the use of special tools. These Antennas can be fitted onto either a front windscreen or rear window quickly and easily. They do not need a ground plane and will typically have a VSWR of 1.5:1.

Through The Glass

The antenna couples capacitively through the glass and its high positioning gives it an almost omni-directional radiating pattern and the high performance that might be expected from a conventional roof-top antenna.
Removable Whip

The antenna can be easily removed for the car wash and, if you wish to transfer the assembly to another vehicle, the coupling box and mounting foot can be removed without damage and the glass cleaned to leave it in its original state.

Environmental Testing

Panorama Glass Mount Antennas have been subjected to the following laboratory tests to ensure that they are of the highest standard:

High Temperature | Low Temperature | Temperature Shock | Water Tightness | Salt Mist | Humidity | Vibration

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