UHF Portable Antenna 433MHz (TNM) (MFXU/TNM/433)

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Code: MFXU/TNM/433

UHF Portable Antenna
TNM Connection
433 MHz 
  • Rugged Design
  • Pre-Tuned To Any Frequency
  • Colour Coded
Each pre-tuned frequency has a colour coding to ensure that the frequency is easily recognisable. This ensures that you have recieved the correct antenna.Panorama offers a comprehensive range of portable antennas. The MFXU and MQ range are totally overmoulded in polyester whilst the remainder have a rugged nylon moulding securing the outed sleeve to the termination. These techniques improve the durability and life expectancy of the antenna.Panorama offers a wide range of connectors for each antenna. With a high number of antenna variations almost every radio can be fitted with a portable antenna.