3G Mini Magnetic Mount Antenna (MAR-2009-2F)

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3G Mini Magnetic Mount Antenna
This magnetic antenna is perfect for people on the move who require a 3G connection. It is designed to sit on the roof of a car, mounted on a magnetic ground plate.
This antenna comes supplied with a mounting bracket that can be securely fastened a window. With the signal in a room often being better by the window this solution can ensure that the user can get the best signal strength but not compromise on their working position. 
Ideal for vehicles, boats & site offices 
If you are constantly on the move the magnetic MAR & MD antenna range is the ultimate solution. Placed on the roof of a vehicle the antenna will grip securely with a tough but removable magnetic base, giving you high gain, omni-directional coverage.
When it comes to removing or re-positioning, it couldn’t be easier and you won’t be left with any evidence that the antenna was there at all. With the MAR & MD range you no longer need to make holes in your vehicle to fill holes in your coverage.
2M of Cable with FME Female Connections.

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