Adhesive Lined Dual Wall Heatshrink Black 19mm (HSA.19/BLK)

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Code: HSA.19/BLK

Adhesive Lined Dual Wall Black Heatshrink 3:1

Size 19mm / Length 1.2M

Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing has all the advantages of traditional heat shrink but with one other important feature; a layer of adhesive. The tubing is made with a Polyolefin outer tubing coupled with a hot-melt adhesive inner lining. This layer of glue enables the tubing to offer a better seal and adhesion.

Adhesive lined heat shrink lends itself well to certain environments and is widely used in marine applications. Because of its superior sealant properties, it is ideal for insulating and sealing electrical and mechanical components against water and moisture. It's also ideal for effective moisture-resistant insulation of electrical connections and splices.

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