Brodit Tesla Model "Y" Long Range (PC.655497)

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Keep your device within easy sight and reach in your car! The ProClip makes it easier and safer to use handheld devices in vehicles. The ProClip is a mounting bracket that you attach to the dashboard of your car. Onto the ProClip, you can install any accessory, e.g. a holder for mobile phone or other communication device.

Brodit Proclip:

  • Tesla 3 2018-2024 (Center mount)

  • Tesla Model Y 2020-2024 (Center mount)

How to install
Instructions for Brodit 655497-1,jpg

1. Use the enclosed alcohol pad to clean the area where the ProClip is to be installed. Hold the ProClip so the face plate is facing towards the steering wheel. Insert the J-shaped hook on the ProClip into the vent in the dashboard.

Instructions for Brodit 655497-2,jpg

2. Pull the ProClip slightly toward the steering weel so the J-shaped hook is properly in place.

Instructions for Brodit 655497-3,jpg

3. Press downward on the ProClip so the edge snaps into place over the silver trim next to the steering wheel.

Instructions for Brodit 655497-4,jpg

4. The ProClip i