FAKRA (M) TO SMB (F) 90° ADAPTOR (A.2352.01)

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This adaptor will convert a Fakra (M) connection to an SMB (F) type and is 20cm in length. The SMB connector has a 90° angle to assist in installations with little cable room.

Fitting a replacement antenna to a vehicle can be difficult, although there are various standards around manufacturers can use them differently and sometimes even ignore them altogether. For this reason we have a range extension and adaptor cables to help make your antenna install as easy as possible.

The required lead will differ depending on the connector on the device you're fitting, the connector on the stereo or vehicle you're connecting to, and the length of cable required to reach between the two. Where possible it is best practice to connect everything with one cable, however in some instances you may require an adaptor and separate extension to make everything fit.