ODP Wall / Mast Dipole Antenna (380-400 Mhz) S1

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ODP Wall / Mast Dipole Antenna (380-400 Mhz) S1

Cut to  380-400 MHz (S1)

Gain Isotropic: 2dBi

Comes with 8M of cable and terminated with a BNC Male connector.

Easy Installation

Wall mounted antennas can be used as a simple and cost efficient way of improving the range of a GSM network. The antennas can be used as a way of transfering high network coverege from the outside to the inside of a building. It can also be used to ensure a better connection between machines because of the improved positioning of the antenna


Remote Site

The 'ODP' range is designed for quick and easy assembly and installation on remote sites and buildings. It is used to operate from remote venues, such as a public event or sports event and site offices.

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