Alfatronix are pleased to introduce the PowerTector range, a brand new series of innovative battery guard products.  These programmable low voltage disconnects offer a simple, low cost and unobtrusive method for protecting your battery from damage due to total discharge while ensuring that there is always sufficient power to start the engine and serve essential applications.

There are six units in the range offering power options from 10A to 200A.  All units are rated IP65 and come complete with up to 10 pre-programmed configurations to suit all likely battery protection requirements.  The PT40 (40A) and PT60 (60A) units offer additional information inputs and outputs including on/off terminal, warning light/buzzer and programming.   The PT100 (100A) and PT200 (200A) units offer in addition a manual override switch to re-connect short term power if required.

These low voltage disconnect units are constructed from die cast aluminium and glass reinforced polycarbonate offering a very solid construction.  The PT40 battery guards and above have three fixing points and can be fixed even to uneven or awkward chassis positions.  Power connections are by way of brass bolts (to minimise voltage drops) with protection between the terminals.  The PT10 and PT20 devices use simple 6.3mm faston blade terminals with strain relief and can simply be tie wrapped to the wiring for a fast, neat and reliable protection of your battery system.  In particular, these low cost battery guard units are designed to be available at such a price as to be included as a standard component in all professional installations of ancillary equipment on vehicles protecting both the installation and the power system.