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Code: CANM8-CR

The Contact-less Reader option allows the CAN Bus interface to read vehicle CAN Bus data without any actual metal to metal connection between the interface and the vehicle CAN Bus. The reader is secured around a section of the vehicle CAN Bus wiring and data is read by an induction method, thus protecting any manufacturers warranty.

This particular version of our Contact-less Reader is compatible with any vehicle operating between 12-30v. The Contact-less reader is supplied with a regulator unit that will convert an 12-30v supply from the vehicle, into a 5v power source to power the Contact-less Reader. This enables the Contact-less Reader to work with any telematics device or aftermarket systems fitted to the vehicle.

The readers feature a strong locking clamp to retain their position around the CAN wiring. The CAN wiring must first be straightened for a short distance and the HI - LO wires identified and placed in to the corresponding channels of the reader before the reader housing can be closed over the wiring.