Tetra Antenna 1/4 Wave Hinged (AQHB-TET)

£12.37 +VAT

Available in 2-3 days


Rigid 1/4 Wave Hinged Antenna

Cut to TETRA frequency (380-430MHz)


Height (mm): Gain Isotropic: Bandwidth @ 2:1 VSWR:
500 @ 145MHz 2dBi 10%

Antenna Construction
All Panorama mobile whips feature either 17-7 PH stainless steel rods with plated brass components and black nylon mouldings or have a flexible construction within a black nylon tube. When fitted and tuned correctly these antennas will have a typical VSWR of 1.2:1 or less.

For easy car washing each antenna can be unscrewed and removed

The Panorama mounting system provides a high degree of compatibility between whips and bases, making them suitable for all applications whether temporary or permenant.


The Modular whip range is used by many emergency services because of the versitility and multiple variations. Each whip can be tuned to any frequency making it a truely global product.

Need a specific frequency? Choose from the following:


Frequency MHz        
H4 141-151 JRC 139-157    
H5 149-159        
H6 156-162        
H7 162-174        
K5 174-192        
K6 192-208        
K7 208-225        
L 220-250        
M 245-275        
N 270-300 R1 300-334    
P 330-336 R2 350-370    
R 300-336 S1 380-400 TET 380-430
S 350-392 S2 410-430    
T 390-432 S3 380-420    
U 430-472 S4 450-470    
W 470-512 T1 400-430    
W2 500-520 T2 420-456