£47.13 +VAT

Available in 2-3 days

Code: GM.435-5

Glassmount 425-455MHZ Antenna

5m Coax 


Easy Installation 

The Panorama Glass Mount Antenna can be quickly & easily installed on a windscreen or rear window without making any holes or using of any tools. The antenna will have a typical VSWR of 1.5:1 despite not requiring a ground plane.

The antenna couples capacitively through glass and its high positioning gives it the high performance and almost the omni-directional radiating pattern that might be expected of a conventionally mounted roof-top antenna.

Removed Without A Trace

The antenna can be easily removed for the car wash and, if you wish to transfer the assembly to another vehicle, the coupling box and mounting foot can be removed without damage and the glass cleaned to leave it in its original state. 


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