(RAM-HOL-GA46) Garmin Montana 600 Model Range Holder

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Code: RAM-HOL-GA46

This RAM high strength composite holder is designed for the following devices:
Garmin Montana 600
Garmin Montana 650
Garmin Montana 650t
And all other models in the Montana range

If you are planning a trip off the beaten path, the new Garmin Montana is an ideal companion, and if it isn't in your pocket, you're probably on the trail or at the lake. No matter how you choose to get to your destination, RAM offers mounting solutions that are compact, durable and that will keep your Montana fully accessible. An absolutely perfect fit for your Garmin Montana, the RAM holder allows access to all ports and is easy to remove. High quality materials insure your Garmin is safe, secure, and within easy reach. RAM’s patented design also dampens shock and vibration helping to extend the life of your GPS. Simple to install and easy to use, the mounting possibilities become endless for your Garmin Montana.

High Strength Composite

The holder includes a set of two nuts and bolts to connect the holder to any of the RAM compatible mounts.

The GPS illustrated is not included in purchase.