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TRUCKFONE™ is the ideal communications device for commercial vehicles, trucks and fleets, allowing drivers to easily talk and drive, with a clearer signal and broader range.

TRUCKFONE™ is a vehicle-dedicated mobile phone that combines a powerful speaker, a dedicated directional microphone and an external antenna for extended cellular coverage. TRUCKFONE™ is connected directly to the vehicle’s battery so it’s always charged and ready for use.

TRUCKFONE™ is fixed in the vehicle and can be used by any driver of that vehicle for crystal clear, any time communications even in remote areas where cellular coverage is poor. TRUCKFONE™’s additional privacy handset offers the option of private communication within the driver’s cabin.

Instead of fumbling for their own personal mobile phones, drivers can now communicate with ease using TRUCKFONE™’s speed dial features and large, ergonomically-designed buttons. An external microphone and speaker means drivers can keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road!

TRUCKFONE™ increases driver productivity while in motion, providing clear and echo-free voice communication. 3G cellular connectivity and in-truck accessories, combined with an intuitive user interface, make TRUCKFONE™ the ideal solution for worry-free, mobile communications while you are on the road.