T5-1263 Universal Extender Kit (T5-1263)

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Code: T5-1263

XTENDER - GLOBAL 5 Suction Mount

  • Ideal for Commercial vehicles.
  • The device can be positioned closer to the driver thanks to the extension arm.
  • Ideal view of the smartphone - The swivelball makes it possible to turn the device 360° at an inclination angle up to 57°
  • Position can be fixed thanks to the locking screw.
  • Suction-cup mount to windscreen.
  • Self-adhesive connector adapter for dashboard installation.

iGripper Universal Smartphone Holder

  • Adaptable to any smartphone with different sized supporting feet.
  • Free access to controls by turning the holder 180°
  • Easy one-hand operation.

The XTENDER – Global 5 is a universal vibration free mounting system. The Two extension arms, which are removable from the turret base, and the extension arm with integrated ratchet mechanism make it possible to position the device closer to the driver and to make an individual adjustment in the viewing angle. The position can be fixed with locking screws. The mount can position your device in either portrait or landscape formats. The suction cup also allows you to attach the mount to your car on the windscreen or on any smooth base.

This cradle uses the mini Phone Gripper 4 holder, which is universal and compatible with almost all devices (with a width from 42mm to 82mm). The Padded side arms keep the device protected and secure within the holder. The design of the clamping jaws prevents operation of the controls on the device from being impaired. Simply insert the device and press together the lateral clamping jaws. You can release the device at the push of a button. The moving strips can be removed and the holder can be turned (should the controls on the side of the device be affected).

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