DAB Antenna (A.2118.01)

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The Antennentechnik 2118.01 is a flexible roof mounted combination antenna for: DAB/DAB+/AM-FM.  It is designed to enhance the DAB & AM-FM reception.

Cable & Connectors

  • DAB/DAB+    0,18m RG174 FAKRA male Code G (Grey)
  • AM-FM Radio 0,145m RG174 FAKRA male Code B (White)


  • Multifuncton Antenna - 1 installation 2 applications
  • Flexible with wind noise surpressing technology
  • Easy Installation

 Combi Flex Roof Mount Antenna

A roof mount antenna with the following functions and features:

• Active and low noise DAB* receiving (band III), L-band passive

• Active and low noise AM/FM receiving

• 12 V power supply of the amplifiers optionally via inner conductor of

the cable connections or DIN receptacle

• Low wind nosie antenna rod

• Small installation depth (15 mm)

• Easy fit – only one hole for 2 functions





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