DAB Glass Mount Film Antenna terminated with SMB (RM.DAB-AA1)

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Code: RM.DAB-AA1

DAB Glass Mount In-Car Film Antenna

Terminated with SMB Right Angle Connector

Improves DAB Reception

The aerial is designed to be mounted directly onto the inside of the windscreen. The aerial should be powered through a separate 12 volt feed or directly from the source via the coaxial cable. In vehicles with polarised windscreens, it is advised to fit the aerial to the rear or side window. Bear in mind a heated rear screen could affect the performance or reception.

Fitting Guide

1: Locate the position for the aerial

2: Clean the area on the windscreen and ensure it is dry

3: Offer the aerial up to the location and plan the route for the wiring so that it will not cause a distraction to the driver, or cause an obstruction.

4: Remove the sticky pad bases and hold the aerial firmly into position for 30 seconds to ensure the pads stick. Stick the earth plane strip to the metal surface.

5: Secure the wiring and connect the antenna to the receiver. The unit has a SMB female connection. Co-Star have adaptor cables if required.

6: If possible, select an option on the receiver to power the aerial from the centre of the coax cable. If this is not possible then connect the black wire to the 12 volt aerial output of the receiver. Alternatively, connect to the ignition supply of the receiver.


Aerial Type: Car DAB/DAB+

Receiving Frequency: 170 MHz-240 Mhz/1452 MHz-1492 MHz

Working Voltage: DC10.5-16V

Working Current: 30-60mA

Input Gain: Band 111 15dB±3dB     L-Band 12dB±3dB

Output Impedance: 50Ω

Noise Level: 2.0dB MAX

VSWR: <3.0dB

Cable Material: 1.5DS 50Ω±30mm

Insulation Resistance: DC500V>100MΩ