Add-A-Circuit Fuse Holder - Standard 20amp (IFH.14)

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Code: IFH.14

Add-a-Circuit Standard ATO Blade Fuse Holder Red 20amp

For Standard ATO Blade Fuse.

(Click here for Mini Blade Fuse)

The Co-Star IFH.14 Add-A-Cicuit Piggy Back fuse holder for the standard ATO blade fuse allows you to easily add an additional protected circuit in seconds without splicing. This is a great product for installing aftermarket auxiliary equipment into automotive and marine vehicles. It is manufactured using high quality heat resistant components.


  • Rating: 20 amps
  • Cable:  #16-UL1015
  • Butt Splice Connector pull-out force min. 15 kg
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Fuse Type:  ATO Standard Blade Fuse

120mm x 1.3mm2 red cable terminated with blue butt connector

Keeps warranty intact as no soldering is required, also making it a safer alternative.

Also known as: Piggy back fuses, or fuse taps.


N.B - Fuses not included.