Pcb Ant 13x125mm Multi+3G Ufl (TCF-C3G-UF)

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PCB Antennas
UFL Connector 
  • Simple & Quick installation
  • Vending Machine Antenna 
  • Suitable for smart metering & plastic enclosures
The PCB Range of antennas are the thinest antennas Panorama has ever produced, at only 0.4mm thick they can fit in extremely small housings for machine to machine applications. Designed with durability and mass rolleout in mind the printed circuit board is produced in high volumes witch is reflected in a competetive price, whilst maintaing high standards with quality materials compliant with legeslative requirements.
Vending Machines 
The Panorama range of PCB antennas have been used on vending machines to monitor stock levels of remotely located terminals. Real time readings mean that that stock in vending machines can be more efficiently and closely monitored and required less visits for restocking. Being discrete and incredably thin allows the antenna to be installed simply with minimal diruption to the machine. 
Credit card machines
With wireless 'Chip-and-Pin' machines often being used in restaurants and cafe's as a secure payment method they require a small but versatile antenna to transmit the data back to the cash register. The TC range is ideally suited for this type of application
Other Applications
There are many other applications that these antennas can be used for including: Snack Machines, Auto Mat Machines, Cash Registers, Slot Machines, Credit Card Machines, Wireless 'Chip & Pin' Devices, Coin Dispensers, ATMs, Gas Meters, Parking Meters, Water Sensors & Many more remote machine applications .

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