High Gain 3G Directional Antenna (W21-CP-9)

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3G Client Patch Antenna





The W21 range of antennas are directional. This allows the user to direct all signal from a USB dongle or PCMCIA card towards the nearest UMTS base station. Simply connecting this directional antenna and pointing it at your nearest mobile phone mast can significantly improve both connection speeds and stability, making the antenna perfect for getting a better connection in areas of limited 3G signal.




The W21 range comes complete with three mounting options: desk stand, wall mount and mast mount. This antenna can be fixed permanently to get the best signal or used as a portable travel companion.






Home office

If you want to take your mobile data rates to the next level then this powerful directional antenna will help you get there. With the W21-CP-9, you can get signal strength and speeds that will make it feel like you are using a fixed line connection without compromising on mobility. This compact flat panel antenna is small, lightweight and can be easily removed from its desk stand so you can be sure of getting a quality data connection wherever you go.


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