Covert Ceiling Antenna (CMSD-C3G-24-NJ)

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Covert Ceiling Antenna
  • Designed to look like a smoke detector
  • Multiband GSM, 3G UMTS & 2.4GHz WLAN
  • Easy Installation
The CMSD antenna is designed to look like a smoke detector. Capable of covering all the GSM, UMTS and WLAN frequencies it provides virtually universal coverage. The antenna can be employed to either provide all these bands or can be limited to a single band in line with your requirements and only requires one cable to be fitted through the ceiling. This extensive versatility means that only one antenna is needed to satisfy all you in-building coverage needs, whilst the covert design ensures that it’s presence is discreet.
This multiband ceiling mount antenna range is perfect for hotels. Despite covering GSM and 2.4GHz WLAN, the antenna requires only one cable to be fitted through the ceiling, saving on the installer's time and money. The unit sits discretely on ceilings, disguised as a smoke detector. This means that hotel or venue guests will not develop undue worries about radiation problems, while simultaneously receiving full signal on their cell phones.
Our in-building smoke detector antenna is perfect for buildings that see large numbers of visitors who require a high quality GSM or 3G UMTS connection. The antenna avoids the unsightliness of other base stations due to its disguised exterior and its 2dBi gain means that it will not interfere with other devices operating on the same frequencies.

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