RJ12 Crimp Tool (MT.6)

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Code: MT.6

RJ12 Crimp Tool with easy grip handle.


The RJ12 Crimp Tool is designed to professionally crimp RJ12 6 way connectors. For added convenience it also strips and cuts the cable.


  • Cut the modular cable to the desired length. Ensure that the ends are cut squarely, not diagonally.
  •  Insert the cable between the stripper blades until it touches the pre measued strip guide.
  • Place the RJ12 plug in the holder so that the front of the plug is against the stop and the gold contacts face the crimper. Insert the prepared cable into the plug. Ensure that the inner conductors are flush with the tip of the connector and directly under the gold contacts. Squeeze the handles firmly to set contacts and secure the cable.




For use with MC.6 Modular plugs.