FME Male - MMCX Male Antenna (C74-FP-015-RMMC)Adaptor

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Code: C74-FP-015-RMMC

FME Male (Plug) to MMCX Male Right Angle Antenna Adaptor.

Converts an Antenna terminated with FME female to MMCX male.

FME Male (Plug)

MMCX Male (Plug) Right Angle 

Cable: 15cm RG174


Connecting an external antenna to a 3G modem or data card can make a great difference to data transfer speeds. Our adaptor leads are designed to fit most 3G Data Cards, Express Cards and USB modems that have antenna ports, transferring the signal to a better positioned antenna.

We can provide compatible adaptor leads for all major 3G modem and data card manufacturers and models. If you cant find what you are looking for, please call sales on 01423 340066.

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