4x4 MiMo 4G/5G LTE Antenna with GPS + 2x2 MiMo Wi-Fi (LG-IN2445-W-LC)

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The LG-IN2445 is a high performance 4x4 MiMo LTE, 2x2 MiMo Dual Band WiFi  and GPS/GNSS active antenna covering 617-960/1710-6000MHz.

  • Low profile antenna with 7 functions in 1

  • 4x4 MiMo 4G/5G LTE cellular, 2x2 MiMo Dual Band WiFi and GPS/GNSS in one housing

  • Suitable for Cradlepoint COR IBR1700 Series Routers

The LG-IN2445 range has been designed to provide 4x4 4G/5G MiMo performance from 617-960/1710-6000MHz combined with GPS/GNSS and 2x2 MiMo WiFi 2.4/5.0GHz in a compact low profile housing.
The integrated GPS/GNSS module supports GPS, Glonass, Galileo, QZSS and Compass with 26dB LNA gain. This GPS module features advanced filtering for LTE B13/14 designed to minimise potential in band interference. 
  • 1 x Antenna
  • 4 x 4G/5G Ultra low loss 5m cable extensions terminated with SMA Male Connectors).
  • 2 x Wi-Fi 5m cable extensions terminated with SMA Reverse Polarity Connectors).
  • 1 x GPS 5 cable extension terminated with SMA Male Connector).

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