Cool Seal Butt Connector Assorted Pack

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The Cool Seal is a new and innovative alternative for heat shrinkable connectors. Cool Seal will create a moisture resistant electrical connection that will have time and money saving advantages.Cool Seal can be easily used by stripping the wire ends, inserting the wire ends in the connector and crimping both wire ends. As soon as the wire ends are crimped, the sealant will be activated and a moisture resistant electrical connection of top quality will be created! Heat tools have become unnecessary when creating high quality electrical connections. Cool Seal can be used in engine areas, chassis and lighting systems in the automotive industry, construction, lighting industry, the shipbuilding industry and the aerospace industry.

Pack of 25 contains: 

10 x Red connectors for Wire Size 0.35-1.0mm²

10 x Blue connectors for Wire Size 1.0-2.5mm²

5 x Yellow connectors for Wire Size 2.5mm-6.0mm²