Can Adaptor with GPS for Car Sharing Solutions (CAN-CONTROL)

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Teltonika Can-Control with GPS Vehicle Tracker.

Teltonika Can-Control is the latest addition to the CAN Solutions family, it allows remote doors and window closing control, which is ideal for car sharing and mobility solutions for car rentals, car sharing providers and corporate fleet management providers.

The Can-Control can read essential Can parameters such as fuel levels, odometer, VIN number and fuel consumption. It also can read the engine RPM, engine temperature and handbrake status.

CAN-CONTROL connects directly to the vehicle CAN lines, which means that there is no need to use additional relays or expensive car security systems for the remote door lock control. With support for more than 1300 vehicles, Teltonika provides wiring schemes for every supported vehicle, which helps make installation smoother and faster.

Teltonika FBM130 is an advanced vehicle tracker with an internal GNSS/GSM antenna, Bluetooth connectivity and battery backup. The FBM130 works hand in hand with the Teltonica CAN-CONTROL.

Quick and easy to install, as shown in the below installation video.