Digi TransPort WR54 Cellular Router (Single LTE, Wi-Fi)

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Quick Overview:

Rugged and secure cellular router with dual redundant communications for mission critical industrial and transportation applications.

Key features include:

* Future built with dual-core 880 MHz MIPS processor and PCIe 2.0 internal bus
* Link failover and load balancing across dual 600 Mbps CAT11 cellular
* High speed 867 Mbps 802.11ac Wi-Fi for WAN or LAN service
* Cryptographic co-processor with secure key generation and storage
* Gigabit WAN/LAN Ethernet switch (4-port)
* Zero-touch fleet-wide configuration using Digi Remote Manager®

Ideal for mission critical applications requiring continuous connectivity, the Digi WR54 Cellular Router is designed for field longevity and edge computing. Routing and gateway functions are secured across traditional and wireless communications networks, protocols and interfaces – while bridging local private wired or wireless subnets across a public network – safeguarding message privacy and integrity.

Mission critical communication is achieved through concurrent and independent dual cellular interfaces. System operation is assured with an industrial grade electrical and mechanical design, while an embedded python environment enables quick adaptation to future evolving system requirements.

Each cellular transceiver employs Gobi LTE Advanced technology allowing use on major networks. Dedicated PCIe 2.0 internal data buses deliver 10 GT/s aggregate bandwidth ensuring low latency high bandwidth cellular communications. Four gigabit Ethernet ports connect other IP capable systems, each configurable as an isolated secure LAN or all four can function as a layer 2 switch.

Featuring the Digi TrustFence®, a suite that ensures the integrity of Digi WR54 security functions. A cryptographic co-processor protects particularly sensitive data such as stored passwords and encryption keys.